Syringe Filters and Membranes


Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers syringe filters for routine filtration applications and for customers looking for excellent quality/ price ratio. This range includes the most useful diameters and membrane types to allow reliable work in many applications.

Membrane Type Description Chemical Compatibility Maximum Operation Temperature Sterilization
Cellulose Acetate Low-protein binding, well suited for sterile filtration and clarification of aqueous solutions, nutrient media, buffers, and sera. They provide superior chemical resistance to alcohol and oil. These hydrophilic membranes offer excellent flow rates. Resistant against aqueous solutions, pH 4-8, against most alcohols and other organic solvents 180° C Autoclaving at 121° C or 143° C, dry heat, gamma radiation, (26 kGY) or with ethylene oxide. 

Cellulose Nitrate/ Mixed Cellulose Ester

Membrane composed primarily of cellulose nitrate with a smaller percentage of cellulose acetate for increased stability. Shows effective retention of bacteria, high flow rates, and is appropriate for colony counting applications. Resistant against aqueous solutions, pH 4-8, against hydrocarbons and some solvents 130° C Autoclaving at 121° C, gamma radiation (25 kGy) or with ethylene oxide.
Nylon (Polyamide) Membranes are hydrophilic and are widely used in both aqueous and organic solvent filtration applications Well suited for sterilization and clarification of buffers and nutrient media with a low level of extractables. Resistant to many solvents and alkali-solutions, pH range 3-14  100° C Autoclaving at 121° C or 134° C or with ethylene oxide.
Polyether Sulfone PES membranes have a uniform pore structure with high mechanical stability and are chemically inert. PES offers excellent flow rates for critical filtration situations where high throughput is required with the lowest protein adsorption. Resistant to some solvents and aggressive, aqueous solutions, pH 1-13 200° C Autoclaving at 121° C or 134° C, gamma radiation (25 kGY) or with ethylene oxide
PTFE Permanently hydrophobic filter material, very suitable for air and gas filtration. PTFE membranes are extremely resistant to aggressive solvents and acids and can be used to filter particulate from both liquid and gas samples. Resistant to solvents, acids and bases 200° C Autoclaving at 121° C or 134° C or with ethylene oxide