Seed Testing Paper


Ahlstrom-Munksjö manufactures non-toxic paper for use in the seed testing industry and in agricultural research laboratories. The papers are made of pure cellulose fibers, are sufficiently strong for the test, and are designed to avoid any substances which could influence the growth of the seedlings. Most are available in sheets, circles, and rolls. Our blotter sheets come in a variety of weights, colors, and surface finishes to better enhance visibility and maintain the required moisture levels.

Creped Toweling
Grades 8001 and 8002 are thin, tan, creped papers primarily used in seed germination. The tan color is the natural color of the pulp, as this paper is not treated to whiten it. Grade 8002 is approximately twice as heavy as Grade 8001 and will therefore hold a greater volume of liquid.

Pleated Strips
Grades 1765 and 1766 are most often used for pelleted, medium, and large seeds. They are available only in pleated format, 110 mm wide, with 50 double pleats that can be expanded along the length. Grade 1765 is white and Grade 1766 is tinted grey for improved visibility of fine root systems.

Blotter Papers
Grade 939 is a soft white paper with a coarse surface. We offer blue blotters for a tinted background with a somewhat firmer surface. Grade 190 is a medium-weight smooth blotter tinted blue for greater visibility of seeds and root systems. Grade 191 is a heavy-weight smooth blotter the same shade of blue as Grade 190. At twice the weight, this grade will hold a greater volume of moisture. Grade 194 is a heavy-weight smooth blotter tinted to a darker blue color than Grade 191. Grade 628 is a medium weight blotter with a firm, hard finish and natural tan coloring.

Fluorescent Testing
Grade 601 is a smooth white filter particularly suitable for testing seed and roots appearance under fluorescent light.

Grades Surface Color Basis Weight (g/m²) Klemm (Capillary Rise) 1/16th in/min
190 Smooth Blue 300 16
191 Smooth Blue 700 14
194 Smooth Dark Blue 720 36
601 Smooth White 88 13
628 Smooth Tan 337 19
939 Unfinished White 140 55
1765 Unfinished White 120 Available Pleated Only
1766 Unfinished Gray 120 Available Pleated Only
8001 Crepe Tan 63 13
8002 Crepe Tan 120 12