Environmental Testing Standards

Ahlstrom-Munksjö products are suitable for many standard test methods used in analyzing air, water, and soil.

Standard Test Method Title Recommended Grade Application
ASTM D425-88 Test Method for Centrifuge Moisture Equivalent of Soils 909 Soil
ASTM D4767-11 Test Method for Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Test for Cohesive Soils 55 Soil
ASTM D5084-10 Test Method for Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Saturated Porous Materials Using a Flexible Wall Permeameter 55 Soil
ASTM E1963-09 Standard Guide for Conducting Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests: Root Elongation 601 Soil, Water
STM 2530 Particulate Floatables 131 Water
STM 2540.C Total Dissolved, Suspended, Fixed and Volatile Solids 161 or 169 Water
STM 2710.B,D,E Tests on Sludges: Oxygen Consumption Rate, Sludge Volume Index, Zone Settling Rate 161 or 169


STM 2710.G Tests on Sludges: Capillary Suction Time 243 Sludge
STM 2710.H Tests on Sludges: Time-to-Filter 601 or 642 Sludge
STM 3500-Fe Iron detection: Phenanthroline Method 161 Water
STM 3500-Li Lithium Detection: Flame Emission Photometric Method 74 Water
STM 3500-Pb Lead Detection: Dithizone Method 94 and 55 Water
STM 3500-Se Selenium Detection: Colorimetric Method 94 Water
STM 3500-V Vanadium Detection: Gallic Acid Method 94 Water
STM 4500-P.C Phosphorus in Water: Colorimetric Method 94 Water
STM 5510.B Aquatic Humic Substances DEAE Method 601 Soil
STM 5520.B,C,D Oil and Grease: Partition-Gravimetric, Partition-Infrared, and Soxhlet Extraction Methods  74 Water
STM  5910 UV-Absorbing Organic Constituents 161 Water
STM 6651 Glyphosate Herbicide 601 Water
STM 7110.C Gross Alpha and Gross Beta Radioactivity 161 Water
STM 7500-Ra Radium Detection: Precipitation Method 169 Water
STM 7500-Sr Strontium Detection: Precipitation Method 94 or 169 Water
STM 8111.D Biostimulation (Algal Productivity) 161 Water
STM 8310.D Ciliated Protozoa: Growth Inhibition Test 601 Water
STM 9213 Recreational Waters 222, ReliaDisc™ gridded CN (MCE) membranes Water
STM 9222 Membrane Filter Technique for Members of the Coliform Group 222ReliaDisc™ gridded CN (MCE) membranes Water
40CFR60 App A  Method 5 Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions from Stationary Sources 161, MK360 Air emissions
40CFR60 App A Method 17 Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions from Stationary Sources 111, ET/MG160 Air emissions
40CFR62 App A Method 201 Determination of PM10 Emissions (Exhaust Gas Recycle Procedure) 161, MK360 Air emissions
40CFR SW-846 Method 1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure 151, 193, 26 Sludge