Micro-Quartz Fiber Filters/15cm


Two products for a complete offer for airborne particulate monitoring in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when the lowest level of Trace Elements Analysis is required.

Grade MK 5
Air Monitoring Quartz Filter

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a new grade of high-purity binder-free quartz suitable for air monitoring applications in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when low levels of trace elements are required. Grade MK 5 can be used up to 500°C.

Grade MK 360
100% High Purity Quartz Filter

This 100% quartz microfiber filter is available for applications requiring extremely low levels of trace elements or media that can withstand temperatures between 500°C and 900°C.
Also available in thimble form for air sampling.

Grade Basis Weight g/m² Alkalinity µeq/g of filter Particle retention 0.3 µm% Max Temperature °C Whatman Cross Reference Pall Cross-Reference
MK 5 85 11.7 99.9996 500 QM-A
MK 360 85 0 99.9995 900 QM-H Tissuquartz™

Key Features

  • Made of extremely pure micro-quartz fibers
  • Binder-free
  • Particularly suitable for low amounts of particles
  • Conditioned by high temperature pre-heating
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