Specialty Products/Creped Surface


Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers specialty products for the scientific industry. Many papers and products were designed alongside the researchers doing test development in order to provide the necessary performance characteristics. Ahlstrom-Munksjö continues to innovate and is open to new challenges and new opportunities from companies that use our analytical filter papers and other products.

Pleated (Fluted) Filter Paper

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a full range of standard pleated grades that meet your needs from grades with rapid flow rates for filtration of viscous materials to grades with tight matrices for removal of fine precipitates. Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s pre-pleated grades can save valuable time and maximize the efficiency of the laboratory filter system. Pleating improves the effective surface area increasing flow rate and loading capacity thus decreasing filtration time. Pleated circles are available in 12.5 cm to 50 cm diameters.

Grade Filter paper base Retention in µm Filtration Speed
Herzberg sec/100mls
Filtration Speed
Rapidity mls/min
Loading Capacity
542 642 2 229 30 Medium
550 950 2 491 14 Medium
519 909 3 105 65 Medium
509 609 4 85 80 Medium
513 613 6 114 60 Medium
515 615 25 29 235 High
562 962 27 28 245 High
505 905 28 26 265 Medium
517 617 35 19 360 Very High
Beer Testing Filter Paper

Ahlstrom-Munksjö manufactures a full range of laboratory filter paper for use in the beer industry. Grade 642 is recommended for the WORT color test. Grade 515 is a pleated filter used in the SCABA analyzer, while Grade 509, also pleated, is used in the IBU test and in Malt-4 analysis and degassing. Grade 111, a 100% glass microfiber filter is also used in the beer industry to remove yeast cells before analysis (see glass microfiber section).

Grades Retention in µm Filtration Speed Herzberg sec/100mls Filtration Speed Rapidity mls/min Loading Capacity
642 2 229 30 Medium
509 4 85 80 Medium
515 25 29 235 High
Phase Separation Filter Paper

Grade 480 is a hydrophobic silicone-impregnated paper intended for phase separation.

Size 480 Size 480
7.0 4800-0700 9.0 4800-0900
11.0 4800-1100 12.5 4800-1250
15.0 4800-1500 18.5 4800-1850
24.0 4800-2400
Sugar Testing Filter Paper

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a full range of specially designed filter paper for use in the sugar industry. Grade 8613 has a smooth black finish designed for use in applications requiring visual examination of particles. Grade 613 and 615 are particularly well suited for general laboratory filtration methods and qualitative analysis.

Grade Retention in µm Filtration Speed
Herzberg sec/100mls
Filtration Speed
Rapidity mls/min
Wet Burst Inches Loading Capacity
8613 4 118 58 29 Medium
613 6 114 60 16 Medium
615 25 29 235 18 High
962 27 28 245 126 High
961 40 19 360 70 Very High
Pulp & Paper Blotting Paper

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Grade 240 and 623 are blotting papers manufactured for use in the pulp and paper industry. Grade 240 is recommended for TAPPI T-205 and T-491 test methods. Grade 623 is also a very popular grade used for long-fiber hand sheet applications. Grade 623 absorbs more water at a faster rate.

Pulp & Paper Blotting Paper TAPPI Approved
Grades Base Weight g/m² Total Absorbency g/m² Absorbency Rate Sec/1ml H20
240 249 598 13
623 246 740 5
pH Papers and Test Strips

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a range of test papers for rapid determination of pH and other conditions. Universal pH indicator papers are stocked in a roll of 5 m in a plastic case, a refill pack of 3 reels for that case, and in a box of 200 strips. pH test strips, which have small squares of paper, each prepared with a different indicator, are also available. Please contact customer service for additional details.

Roll of 5m Refill Pack x3 Box of 200 Test Strip 100 per box
pH 0-14 PHT1-0014
pH 1-14 PHR5-0114 PHR3-0114 PHB2-0114
LabSorb Fluid Barriers

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s LabSorb Fluid Barrier is a super absorbent, pure cellulose paper with an impermeable polyethylene backing that absorbs splatters and spills, and protects work areas from contamination and damage by toxic, infectious, corrosive, radioactive or staining materials. LabSorb’s smooth, firm surface does not inhibit stability of bottles or tubes, and allows recovery of dry spills. Liquid samples can be recovered by washing the absorbed spill from the inert surface with the appropriate buffer. Disposal is safe and easy and LabSorb ashes readily upon incineration.
View Grade 4002 - LabSorb Fluid Barriers

Microwave Sample Pads

For microwave technology systems, analyzing moisture and fat content in foods. Glass microfiber paper is used to support food product samples when they are dried, as this media will withstand higher temperatures. Ahlstrom-Munksjö grade 161, binder-free glass microfiber paper provides the consistency and precision required for accurate testing by Quality Control Laboratories. Sample Pads are available in sheets and circles.
View Grade 161 - Microwave Sample Pads